Homeless Services

Sometimes enhancing quality of life is as simple as a hot shower and a nice meal. In conjunction with the Homeless Alliance, the Day Shelter provides more: haircuts, basic medical care, access to computers and phones for job searches – all the basic necessities for a better quality of life.

Advocates work to connect the homeless with service providers in the city for mental health care, physical health care, housing solutions, substance abuse recovery services and similar providers.  In addition, the Day Shelter provides computer clinics, art therapy classes, employment assistance, a library, classroom space for recovery & other group meetings, and much more.  The Day Shelter currently serves an average of 300 guests each day, about 70% of whom are “street homeless.”  The Day Shelter also provides a safe and welcoming environment for local agencies to engage the homeless.

We offer self-esteem, dignity, and hope to break barriers for some of Oklahoma City’s most vulnerable.

Want to lend a hand? As the need in our city continues to grow, we need more volunteers to help serve in a variety of capacities at the Day Shelter.

City Care also provides food baskets each week to elderly, disabled and low-income families of Oklahoma City through its food outreach. Food baskets each contain several meals of food and are distributed Friday mornings at 9:00 a.m., at Frontline Church, NW 10th & Robinson in Oklahoma City.

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